Friday, July 12, 2013

Ancestral bragging - nothing new

     Bragging about ancestors, real or imagined, is certainly nothing new.  Recently, while doing some newspaper research, I came across the following item.  It was published in the Sioux City (Iowa) issue of Thursday, February 27, 1896, in a column entitled, "Jottings About Town News Briefs."  This was a collection of miscellaneous items that didn't rate separate articles.

     So many thoughts are generated by this small piece.   The date of the Conquest appears to be something other than 1066, which is unfortunate.  Is the reporter's use of the word "interesting" meant to be ironic?  How was the city attorney identified and located by his "fifth cousin?"  And, lastly, was this "genealogical record" acquired by means of a subscription letter asking for a fee?  After all, you wouldn't expect anything less than a Norman knight for your money, would you?
     Or, perhaps the knight really did leave a descendant in far-off Iowa, toiling away at the courthouse!